Level 4

congratulations & WELCOME TO LEVEL 4

Well then, either you’ve progressed from levels 1 to 3 to reach level 4 or you’re starting at level 4. If you are starting here, you’ve got your hands full my friend and I commend you for starting here. If you’re a seasoned HIITer then this will be a walk in the park. Otherwise, you’re in for a treat of sensations to tease and tantalise your muscles, heart and lungs.

If you have progressed through the levels you’ll have a respect for the timing protocol, the need for attention to detail in the movement techniques, breathing and recovery.

Level 4 makes use of my favourite 3 exercises. The Squat, the Monkey and the Inch Worm.

At this point I invite you to consider loading the squat, perhaps with a kettlebell held in the goblet position. However, the inclusion of the monkey and the inch worm will test your ability and integrity in the squat.

Now, a note on the monkey. This is one of those moves that looks easy and whilst it is simple, it is a challenging little gem. Your shoulders will be worked very well indeed whilst your legs continue to develop their mobility and endurance.

The Inch Worm starts like the Bear crawl but the walk-out component targets the midsection like a plank or in some cases like the infamous Ab Wheel exercise.

Below are demonstrations of each of these to check out.



inch worm


Level 4 Program

Level #4, 5 Week Challenge

Level #4, 5 Week Challenge


Progressing through the program

In previous levels I talk about a lack of variation, but rather a focussed specialisation in three movements. In level 4 I consider the variation to be sufficient. The combination of the 3 will be demanding and range of movements especially the monkey will add to the fun-factor but, if the intensity overcomes you and takes away your focus to detail, back off a little, move slower or take more rest.

The videos above do include some regressions or notes about how to adjust each exercise.

Regarding the timing of the sets, if you feel the need to take an extra minute to rest from time to time, that’s cool, do that. I want you to maintain good form throughout.

Please feel free to comment below and variations can be discussed.

Is there a level #6… well, ask and you shall receive!



This challenge is not a personally prescribed exercise program but is intended for educational / interest purposes only. You follow this challenge at you own risk. You must consult your doctor prior to starting a new exercise program, if you have any medical condition or injury that contraindicates physical activity.