Office Reset

Most of us have busy days at work and for some of us, that entails sitting behind a desk, partially hunched over computer. You could break up this monotony with an occasional bathroom break, tea breaks and lunch break as I’m sure you do already, OR you could include a few minutes of Office Reset (OR).

The intention of an Office Reset isn’t to build up a sweat, burn calories or develop a big appetite for lunch. The intention is to help reset the bodies posture, better breathing patterns and to vitalise the brains sensory abilities with a short routine of simple movements we’ve all done before – when we were babies. Don’t lose me here or start rolling your eyes, give the following series a go for a week and tell me how you feel.

One note, some of the movements might expose any preexisting tight spots in your body, so a good rule to follow is ‘do not go to pain’.

Here’s how to do ‘OR’
  1. Breathe deliberately and breathe deep into your belly, in and out through your nose. Do this seated if you wish but keep a tall posture. Aim for 2 mins.
  2. Nod your head. Leading with your eyes, nod your head up and down for 30 seconds then over each shoulder for 30 seconds then finally, side to side like you are listening to the ceiling, again for 30 seconds.
  3. Roll around. This might sound like an odd thing to do but trust me, this is fantastic for releasing all the tension our torsos develop after time sitting. Preferably standing (but sitting is fine too), keep a flat, long back and start to turn your head, looking over your shoulder and look as far around behind you as possible without discomfort of course, then come back and repeat over the other shoulder. Continue this rolling for 30 seconds.
  4. Rock. No AC/DC required here unless it helps of course. Stand up by your desk with your hands supporting you on the edge of the desk, back flat and knees bent a little. Rock forward over your hands then backwards over your feet. Yes, it might look odd but the value outweighs the perceived embarrassment factors. If you have do, do it seated, just rock, it rocks!
  5. Walk and march. Rather an obvious movement is walking. Do it often but deliberately, with your head up and arms swing… even march a little. Marching is a fantastic tool to stimulate the brain, its senses and circulation. If you have to, march on the spot in the bathroom.

To learn more about resetting your body, get in touch, oh, and do let me know how you get on.