Online Personal Training

Imagine it, you open an app on your smart phone in the morning and you’ve got your own personally designed training plan for the following weeks waiting for you!


I’ve been a trainer for 19 years and know my profession well. I love face-to-face personal training but, I want to be able to provide my style of training to a wider audience and do it with the same care and attention and information sharing as with in-person training.

Thanks to integrated technology I can now do just that and much better than relying on the simple email!

If you don’t want to read any further but want to chat about how you can use online training, fill in your details and i’ll get back to you ASAP… or just keep reading for more information.



We live in an ever-changing, fast paced world and let’s be honest, many struggle to find time for some activities, especially making time for ourselves, exercise and good nutrition and meeting up face-to-face with a trainer. As beneficial as it is to work next to a trainer, matching schedules can make it a limiting factor and NOT training becomes an unfortunate reality.

With online training, you still receive the guidance, support, education and exercise programming, but it’s delivered via the Trainerize app.

How Does it Work?

Much like face-to-face training, online training starts with a consultation. This process may be carried out via a skype call, regular phone call, email or even a simple questionnaire. The choice is yours although most choose skype – it’s good to put a face to a voice. The consultation serves to learn as much about the client, their goals and needs and also to start to build a rapport with the trainer. Information will be gathered such as history of exercise, injuries, nutrition, work and family commitments and of course, where, what and how you like to exercise. If you train at home, in the park or a gym and prefer to use only certain equipment or no equipment at all, this information will be gathered.

All this information will help the trainer to design the most appropriate exercise plan.

Once a package is chosen, and these range from the simplest weekly workouts to much more detailed plans, the program will be delivered to you via the Trainerize app. It’s free and the only thing you’ll need to download. It’s also available on your computer via the Trainerize website.

A second skype call is recommended to undertake a quick movement screen. This process helps us to understand how your body moves… or doesn’t. This aids in the choice of movements in your exercise plan.

Taking measurements is the next stage if required, or recording any exercise specific markers like how much you can do of one exercise for 5 repetitions for example. All this information again, is recorded in the Trainerize app.

The training program will include your recommended exercise schedule, any nutritional information, your scheduled exercises including how many sets or reps, time etc. A great add on here is the addition of video clips that demonstrate the exercises. If you are new to exercise, tutorials for the movements will be included too. Safety is very important as is attention detail to learning each movement well.

Every week the trainer is given a detailed report of who completed their scheduled sessions. This of course can be more frequent. An in app messager via trainerize allows trainer and trainee to have instant communication to discuss any pressing matters. A great tool to build in accountability, adherence and enjoyment of the process.

As a trainer in any capacity, our job is to help people to find their way to exercise. It’s not uncommon for trainees to start out doing one particular training method only to find interest in another method, like starting out with barbell strength training only to discover that body weight training is much more their thing… that is very cool, we support it and encourage clients to experiment with different ways to move, get stronger and fitter.

Interested – why not schedule your Skype call? Just get in touch and we’ll set up a time that suits.

Online Training Packages:

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 1.59.20 PM

The FitStrong Online Training app.

Is Online Training For You?

  • Are you on a limited budget that puts you off working with a trainer face-to-face two to three times a week?
  • Are you ready and willing to commit to yourself and follow a personalised training routine sent to you online?
  • Can you allocate 3 time slots a week to follow your program?
  • Will you be honest and communicate with your trainer any time you need to?

If you answered YES to these, maybe you’re ready. Just fill in the contact details below and I’ll be in contact soon with further information.

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