Online Programs

Not everyone we train is face-to-face in the gym. For those who can’t attend in person for whatever reason (distance, time, family and work commitments) online training has great opportunities.

The focus in the gym is always, Lift Strong but Move Stronger. Members accomplish this by ways of practicing a fusion of mobility to develop healthy and strong joints and strength training mostly with kettlebells (but bars are used from time to time). Interestingly, either modality can be used to develop strength and mobility. You can develop mobility with weights and you develop strength with bodyweight type movements too.

The online training provides:

  • Programs for beginners with a focus on learning technique and structure.
  • Week by week workouts for those who have a good grasp of exercise techniques. (launching September 2018)
  • 12 Week Challenges (kettlebell and bodyweight).
  • Continually updated mobility tips, drills and routines.
  • Ongoing How To’s. Tune ups of commonly used strength exercises.
  • These are available as videos or downloadable PDFs.

Rather than paying the cost of $70 to $180 a week for personal training in the gym, online training is just $1 a day! 

There are of course limitations. If you like training in a small group lead by a trainer 2 to 3 times a week, or training with more close guidance from a trainer one-to-one, then the gym is the way to go but if you prefer following a plan at home, or in your local gym, online training in your smartphone is a great option.

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