Online Training

Not everyone FitStrong helps is trained face-to-face in the gym. For those who can’t attend in person for whatever reason (distance, time, family and work commitments) online training has great opportunities.

Via the FitStrong online teaching platform or simpler email solutions, an extensive library of over 600 videos helps to build programs with easy to follow visuals and downloads.

 Online training provides:

  • Programs for beginners with a focus on learning technique and structure.
  • Week by week workouts with the NEW FitStrong Online Membership for those who have a good grasp of exercise techniques.
  • 12 Week Challenges (kettlebell and bodyweight) movements.
  • Continually updated mobility tips, drills and routines.
  • Ongoing How To’s.
  • Tune ups of commonly used strength exercises.
  • These are available as videos or downloadable PDFs.

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