Staying informed about private health fund rebates for fitness services will allow you to provide accurate information to your existing and prospective members about opportunities to claim private health fund rebates for fitness services.

What do I need to do to help my clients/members claim?

  1. Be guided by your clients. Enquire as to whether they have Private Health Insurance and if so, which fund? If they are members of one of the funds appearing below, they may be entitled to claim a private health fund rebate on your fitness services.
  2. If your client is a member of one of the below funds, then suggest they contact their fund to determine what is required to enable them to gain a rebate and what level of rebate they are eligible to receive. Remember, all funds are different and take a different approach to the issue. Many funds will require only a receipt for services rendered for your client to make a claim.

Fitness Australia has produced a position statement for Private Health Insurers. These recommendations seek to inform Private Health Insurers about current fitness industry standards and provide an insight into fitness industry operations that will assist in the development or recognition of existing policies.

Note: It’s important to remember that all funds are different! Some funds require you to be registered with Fitness Australia, while others also require you to register with them directly. In some cases a GP referral may be required to indicate that the fitness program is necessary due to an existing health or medical condition. Importantly a number of funds don’t recognise personal training services, or 24 hour fitness centre memberships. Please note it’s also important to remember that the amount of a potential refund is heavily dependent on the level of cover held by the member.

Fitness Australia is working hard towards aligning the national Business and Professional Registration schemes with all Private Health Funds and this is identified as a key preventative health initiative.

The following Private Health Funds currently offer rebates for fitness services:

Health Funds offering rebates exclusively to Fitness Australia Registered Businesses

Australian Health Management (AHM) 13 42 46
Westfund 1300 552 132
Health Partners 1300 113 113


Health Funds offering rebates for Personal Training AND Gym Membership

Australian Health Management (AHM)* 13 42 46
NIB Health Funds Ltd 13 14 63
CBHS 1300 654 123
St. Lukes Health 1300 651 988


Health Funds offering rebates for Gym Membership ONLY

 Bupa 13 41 35
 Grand United Corporate Health 13 29 39
 HCF 13 13 34
 Health Insurance Fund of WA 1300 134 060
 Manchester Unity Australia Ltd 13 13 72
 NRMA Health Insurance (MBF Alliances) 13 32 34
 Peoplecare Health Insurance 1800 808 700
 Westfund Ltd 1300 552 132
 SGIC Health Insurance 133 234
 Teachers Federation Health Ltd 1300 728 188
 Teachers’ Union Health 1300 360 701
 HBA 13 12 43
 Mutual Community 13 12 43
 HIF 1300 13 40 60

(sourced from Fitness Australia

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