Session Cancellation Policy

Policy applies to all personal training, FitStrong PT appointments and contract employment made with FitStrong PT.


When arranging a personal training session as a FitStrong PT client, you are committing to a professional appointment.
On the occasions where you need to cancel your arranged appointment for whatever reason, 12 hours notice must be given.
Failure to do so, for whatever reason, results in a full charge on the session.
Failure to make the scheduled session without 12 hours prior warning will incur a full session fee.

HOWEVER, I will endeavour to offer another time-slot within 1 week of the booked appointment where reasonable, to make up this session. This session will not affect your further planned appointments, it is simply a ‘catch up’ opportunity.
If this catch up is not possible, the missed session will be charged on the full rate.



from January 2022 all shared PT sessions rescheduled by clients to a private time slot shall be charged at the one to one rate per session rather than the shared session rate.

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