Small Group Training

Also referred to as shared training, allows 2-3 people to train together with just as much dedicated and personalised attention from the trainer who will just have to work a little bit harder. The programs may follow a similar template but will be provided and instructed with appropriate ‘personalised’ regressions and progressions as needed for each participant.

Small group training works well for experienced exercisers who have grasped the techniques and concepts of the key movements we use but at the same time, beginners starting out together benefit greatly from this shared experience… it can really makes the whole starting out process easier.

Opportunities for semi-private exist throughout our opening hours (5:30am to 8:30pm). You may have a friend, husband, wife or partner you would like to train along-side of or if preferred, I can propose a suitable training partner(s). Even if you have different goals to your training partners, small group training still works.

All the Start Up options that apply to Personal Training apply here. The costs per person for shared training is reduced to $37.50 each.

Over 55s

The over 55s small group training offers sessions designed with the needs of more life experienced ladies and gentlemen in mind. These sessions are available both mid mornings and early evenings.

Please make contact to discover the most recent availability and new sessions.

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Prices are accurate as of October 2021