Strength Training

To quote:

FitStrong PT is a personal training business
with one simple mission statement.

‘Be Fit and Strong for Life’

Strength in all its ranges, from basic daily life activities to impressive ‘lift a massive barbell’, is the foundation of other physical qualities. However, we all need to move well, be free of any serious imbalances and issues that may lead to injury prior to moving mountains.

At FitStrong you will be guided through a progressive plan to get you towards your goal, whatever that may be.

You’ll be given back youthful mobility and body awareness, then onto a journey of strength development to help you achieve you sporting endeavours or life and health endeavours… …we all want to live longer and be healthier for longer, right?
With FitStrong you’ll NOT be subjected to treadmills, bikes, machines; just common sense, practical training and commitment from your trainer.

Whether you want to be able to lift the kids without hurting your back, want to survive the weekend volleyball game or want to start to get involved with strength sports and Powerlifting, FitStrong will have a program for you.

Don’t wait around, act now, get fit and strong for whatever life throws at you.


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