Forget Calories…We Move Better and Stronger

At FitStrong I help people get fitter, stronger and more mobile. Not just for the sake of it though, but to become better more useful versions of ourselves. 

We work on the skills that lead towards our goals building confidence, competence and physical autonomy without an emphasis on ‘busting a gut’ or ‘smashing out sessions’. I like to consider training as nourishing our bodies rather than punishing it. 

We don’t however use exercise to burn calories – what a waste of life that is. I do promote wholesome eating. Trust me when I tell you that any time you work on eating more vegetables, more proteins, more water and less processed foods; that great things happen. 

If you realise that you need to move better and stronger, why not book in for a chat about what you need and how I can help. 


‘Just having some fun’