Animal Flow in Brisbane

With everyone now able to roam more freely in the fresh air, I think it’s time to have fun, learn some new skills, get stronger and fitter and look cool at the same time haha.

Yes, I’m being upbeat despite all that has been going on, but that’s exactly how I feel when practicing Animal Flow. I get to escape in the details of each and every movement, the alignments, the breathing and how to transition from one position to the next movement.

A typical session will see me mobilise my joints in preparation before ‘switching on’ all the important muscles needed for the work ahead. I’ll then typically practice each movement on the planned flow before building that flow from start to finish.

I could talk more, but if you’ve read this far, maybe you’d like to join me in my upcoming small group classes to learn more about this unique strength and fitness system.

Here are a couple of videos to get you thinking more…

  1. The practice of the Kick through movement.

2. A full flow demonstration with some extras at the end.

To really encourage people to try Animal Flow I am currently offering personal sessions at a reduced PT price.

  • Classes will be 45 minutes in length.
  • $45

These can be booked in via the FitStrong booking page.

Interested? Get in touch to learn more.