Crawlebration Day 10

I’ve covered a lot of various crawls, transitions and such over the past 9 sessions. Today, I want to just focus on ‘just crawling’. Not limited by straight lines or a goal – just crawl. Imagine you have very limited space to crawl (maybe you are limited). How do you make up a 30 second crawl?

Just crawl in any direction, even play with writing your name with your crawl.

Check it out.

Crawlebration Day 7

We continue our exploration of all things ‘crawling’ with the interplay of two great crawls.

We’ve played with the Crab crawl and the Foot hand or Beast crawl. Fun galore is when we practice transitioning from one to the other. 😉


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Crawlebration Day 2

Yesterday I introduced setting up for basic crawling along with a healthy wrist mobility video.

Today – let’s get moving.

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Celebrating and Exploring Crawling during December.

If you have difficulty with general movement, coordination, restrictions and perhaps some nagging pains and recurring injuries, maybe uneasy undertaking some tasks, it may be down to an out of use reflexive strength aka your original strength. 

Not to worry, reflexive strength can be restored with some practice, especially with one movement! 

‘Crawling can help you restore your original strength you were meant to have and unlock strength in many areas of your life.’

Not only will your physical strength and movement improve, your acuity will improve, your mood will boost and you’ll feel more capable and resilient to other physical demands of day-to-day life. 

‘It feels good to feel good’. 

Throughout December I’d like to celebrate what crawling can give us with a festival of daily crawling. 

Each day I’ll share a short video blog or a ‘crawl vlog’ to demonstrate various crawling methods and levels to offer something for everyone, because e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e can benefit from crawling. 

If you’d be so kind, I’ll ask you to share the daily crawlvlog on social media, perhaps with the following hashtags for good measure, plus your own of course 😉

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Adults tend to have quite stiff wrists. A lifestyle of convenience, technology and less than optimal mobility, can lead to wrists being a little overwhelmed by working with the hands on the ground. So here are a few wrist care movements that feel great on the wrist.

Like the minimalist approach? The Mobility page is packed full of various minimalist strength and mobility exercises.

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