Exercise is not a punishment for enjoying food and drink

Monday is always a great day to ….

You can fill in the blank word or words but how often does this happen? A big weekend followed by a big Monday plan that goes – well, I’m sure you know how that story turns out.

Here are a few thoughts floating around my head after some chit-chats with different people over the last week.

  • Exercise is for developing better movement, getting stronger and fitter, having fun and feeling great afterwards.
  • Exercise will help you live longer with more physical independence and wellbeing.
  • Don’t confuse exercising with weight loss.
  • More is not more in most cases.
  • Make exercise fun but safe.
  • How much food you eat is the only factor that will help you lose body fat or build muscle.
  • Better sleep and stress management will make it easier to manage your eating.
  • In any combination, variation or cultural persuasion, eat vegetables, proteins, natural fats and enough carbohydrates with a sprinkling of flavoursome herbs and spices as preferred.
  • Experiment to see what works best for you.
  • Make eating fun but in limitation.
  • Be a reasonable adult.
  • If you miss a training session or have a big splurge on a Saturday – don’t compensate by ‘smashing out’ a gym session or ‘hard dieting’. Just pick up where you left on and continue life.

Got any thoughts to add to this? Let me know.

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Plan it or can it!

It’s Friday, almost the end of the week and maybe, your early week meal plans have slipped or run out of steam.

At this point if this is you, take stock of what happened good or bad and plan for next week.

If you’ve had a great week where meal preparation plans lasted, you’ve stuck to maintaining and building better habits, awesome.

If you’ve struggled towards the end of this week, what happened? Did you run out of time to prepare meals or did you get too tired to cook? 

If his is the case, plan not to end up here again next week. Make up and freeze or refrigerate meals to last up today.

It’s also the time to make up the following weeks shopping list full of everything you need to last next week. 

Consider the optimal portions you need of meats, vegetables, essential healthy carb sources, eggs, cheese (yes, of course cheese) and other healthy accompaniments. 

Plan it or can it!

Here’s the Precision Nutrition guide to portion sizes for men and women and yes, you both have different needs – deal with it 🙂 

pn-calorie-control-men pn-calorie-control-women

For a great explanation of this, please read more at Precision Nutrition

Make Your Habits and They’ll Make You

One overarching principle I’m aiming at imparting (to anyone that listens) is this – changes must to reasonable!

Pretty much everyone attending fitness facilities are looking at changing something. Be it strength, size, skills, eating habits, exercise habits; change is on the agenda.
However, big drastic changes fail, every time. Being told exactly what to do fails. Being given a diet sheet with one weeks worth of eating, fails! Going full-hog at training then blowing a gasket, fails.

time to change

Making small, gradual changes to important issues that hold value does work, providing that you consider it a reasonable change. If you can see the value of stopping drinking a sugary drink like a coke for example for even 95% of the time, you will value its positive impact on weight control. Not having to compensate for the huge amount of empty, non-nutritional calories makes your efforts a lot easier.

If however this change seems unreasonable, then there is absolutely no purpose in perusing it – it will fail.

With consideration to eating habits (maybe a food diary will come in handy), identify one poor habit. There could be more than one, there probably are to be honest, but take just one that you consider changeable. This could be like the example above or even something small like sugar added to your coffee.

Take this one habit and consider how to change it for a healthier option.
This has to be a reasonable change, don’t forget this.

How you change it is up to you but strive to reduce the serving, choose an alternative with less sugar, a different food stuff or even stop it if it’s really an unnecessary snack.

The kind of poor eating habits that hinder weight control could include one or more of these:

  • late night sugary snacks
  • staying up late in the first place. Sleeping is a great weight control tool
  • added sugar to tea and coffee
  • cordials and fruit juices
  • crumbed fish or chicken
  • piling your plate up just because your partner has
  • processed foods
  • not eating after exercise
  • grocery shopping on an empty stomach or when hungry
  • buying unnecessary foods…. Just stop that right now and you’ll more than likely see change very quickly
  • heavily refined cooking oils

The list could go on, but can see how many of these are common sense issue.

To repeat, don’t go mad with lots of changes; totally ‘own’ changing one poor habit at a time into a healthy habit. Making a commitment for even one week might allow you to really appreciate the change. If not, at least you gave it a go and maybe on another occasion you’ll succeed. Take another issue, work on it but don’t stress and beat yourself up, you’re not alone, just stay reasonable with yourself.

Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.

Mahatma Gandhi