Tour de Swing

I don’t follow many sports – I know, how bizarre! A trainer who is not actually a big sports guy?!

Anyhoo, some may know my introduction to exercise was with cycling which led to a short career as a racing cyclist. Great memories of days spent with aching lungs and legs and a face covered in countryside muck!

The pinnacle of the year as an observer was the Tour de France when I got to watch my heroes of the day. Yes, I know, as we all do that most of them were souped up with a pharmaceutical pick’n mix to boost their abilities… sigh!

But, the sport has been cleaned up considerably like many other sports in recent years.

To celebrate the commitment of three weeks of gruelling physical power, strength and endurance I’ve come up with theĀ Tour de Swing.

Not a single bike will be needed as this 3351km challenge, if you hadn’t already guessed, is a Kettlebell Swing challenge.

The goal is to swing for reps what each stage of the tour will cover in km. Simple. A total of 3351 swings over 3 weeks.

If the stage is 200km in length, you do 200 swings.

Click the Pic below to access a PDF with each and every stage of the 3351 swings / km challenge laid out for you.

Tour de Swing

If you’d like to share the time each stage takes you, record on the PDF printed out or share on our Facebook page.

Good luck and keep swinging.