You’ve got me, but who’s got you?

Superman, the exercise you need in your life!

Developing a stronger and more stable back infrastructure ‘safely’ doesn’t need you to look much further than the superman or bird dog as its called across the pond. 
The game involves the simple task of getting to floor on all floors before raising and extending an opposite leg and arm whilst maintaining a motionless and stable torso.

As the video below demonstrates, the difficulty stakes can be risen by taking the foot off the floor or even taking the knees off the floor and conducting the exercise on one foot and hand. 

To really test the stability of the torso, place a light ball or yoga block, book, small child (only joking) on your lower back and keep it there.

Try it and let me know how you get on.

Upload a video of you doing the exercise for a chance to win a FREE nutritional consultation or PT session 🙂