Are you Garry Strong?

G’day. It’s a public holiday today in Queensland. The Queens birthday as it happens. But, the gym still goes on (health and strength don’t get holidays hehe)


Anyhoo, as you’ll probably know by now, we work on moving better (especially for everyone who finds themselves stuck behind a desk or sitting most of the day) AND getting stronger for whatever our lives need.

Simple. Programs can be written to deliver great results for these two areas.

But, one strength that a lot of people do not possess is this…

… watch.

Making progress can happen with the simple act of turning up. Yep, even if you put in a mediocre effort, it’s still better than no effort and sitting around feeling grouchy. I can pretty much guarantee that working through a mobility warm up and then just ticking boxes for the minimum essential dose of the ‘other stuff’ will make you feel better – providing you’re not coming down with something of course.

Adding to your health credits in gradual small steps will make bigger interests than over enthusiastic and inconsistent efforts.

Got any thoughts? Message below.

Special Message

I’ve had a great week so far and it’s only Thursday!

Over the past days I’ve been sharing my thoughts with quick video log (Vlogs) about what I do here at FitStrong PT.

Why? Because I want to clear up my message about who I want to help and how I want to help them before launching a new side of the business.

I started the week by identifying my passions and talents. The cross-over between each of these is where I want to focus going forward to help and work with more people.

In brief this cross-over of passion and talent is:

  • Sharing the methods I know to work to help people move better and to get away from day-to-day aches and pains.
  • Teaching people the techniques to getting stronger and fitter safely.
  • Writing programs to allow people to train at home or their space to exercise.
  • Building an online product that will help me share with a larger audience than my gym can provide.


I would love to hear from you if you are someone who would be interested in joining me online.

‘It’s Too Miserable to Train’!

Today the 24th September 2018 in Brisbane is a dull ‘ol day. This kind of sky is one of the reasons we left Northern Ireland in 2011 for the sub-tropics of South East Queensland.

Anyhoo, a miserable day can really do a number on our spirits, enthusiasm and drive to go to the gym and exercise when alternatively you could go home and binge watch Grand Designs on Netflix.

However, how about just turning up to your place of exercise* and starting…

… just see where it leads to.


*On that note of ‘place of exercise’, I did a recent poll and learnt that 34% of respondents exercised at home compared to the other 64% who went to the gym.

Any thoughts?

Equipment and Strength Training

If starting out on an exercise plan you might be tempted to overburden yourself with thoughts about equipment. What gym to join may be influenced by what equipment they have or if training at home you may ponder what toys will yield the best results.

Here’s an honest truth bomb for ya’ll. It’s about you.

*** Skip to the bottom to watch Vlog instead of reading all that follows – if you want.***

At FitStrong we follow a system of ‘move well, better then betterer’ before adding a load to the moves.

What moves?  I wrote this blog a while back all about these but essentially we work on variations of pushes, pulls, carries, squats and hip hinges (think deadlifts). There are a myriad of variations of these movements so variety is abundant if you like variety.

There are of course heaps of bodyweight systems to follow if that’s the tune you sing. The variety of full body movements that can be pursued is vast, a real treasure chest. And if loading with metal is your thing once you can move well, then you’ve got barbells, dumbbells and my favourite, kettlebells.

Anyway, here’s the Vlog if you don’t fancy reading all this.


Vlog – 5 Pillars of Fitness Progress

Vlog 23rd September 2018

It’s all fine and dandy having an all bells and whistles gym program, but if you don’t address these 5 pillars of fitness ‘progress’, you’re wasting your time.


  1. Sleep 7-8 hours a night even if you think you’re a rebel who can survive on 5. Thrive, don’t just survive!
  2. Nutrition. Be an adult and eat your veg, protein, carbs, fats and drink water more. If nature provided it, eat it.
  3. Strength train. Progressively get strong  – we’ll get to this on a later post.
  4. Aerobic exercise. Cardio is not the devil and doesn’t need to be a gut busting, puke-fest. Walk, hike, ride a bike, roller skate or take your skateboard for a whiz. Just get a bit out of breath – that is all it takes to help you.
  5. Movement practice. Choose a movement practice. Original Strength, yoga, pilates, Animal Flow, Parkour, stretch and roll around on the floor – whatever it is, do it every day.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 1.04.21 pm

Got any thoughts? Please talk to me.

How to Get Lost When Goal Setting!

I can proudly say that I can write up good training programs but ONLY if I know where the destination is and also, where the starting point is.

Starting out into exercise as a beginner or taking a change of direction or starting with a trainer will always take into consideration the goal. The end point at a particular time-frame perhaps or more wisely, when the goal is achieved.

Most People Get Lost before they even start

Picture this example (and it can be any example). Could you really start to train for a 5km park-run right now if you struggle to put on your shoes most mornings because your back’s stiff? Or, is it realistic to join a 60 minute exercise class after work when you wouldn’t normally do more than 60 minutes of exercise per week? Do you get lost trying to plan your own exercise goal or do you just stumble into ‘something’ and see where it goes?

There are plenty of rhetorical situations we could consider but the point is, you must know your starting point before planning your goal. Once you are fully aware of AND acknowledge your Point A, your limitations and strengths then you can start to plot your path to Point B.

This year I wanted to work on getting a hand stand. Why? Why not. It was a challenge. What I needed first off was to get my Point A down. Shoulder stability, mobility, confidence and a plan to get there, to the handstand. I’m still working on it but I am still on the program path.

So, whats your Point A or whats blocking you from getting towards your Point B?


Got any thoughts or questions? Just ask.

Go on, let me help You!

What do you need to thrive in your fitness, strength and health plans?

I’m just a passionate trainer, standing in front of you, asking how can I help?

That’s my goal as a trainer, as a business owner and just plain ‘ol me. My drive and what I want to spend my time doing is helping people, but only those who want to thrive, not just survive.

Watch the very open and honest video below and talk to me.

Diet Motivation?

So many people want to use exercise as their main tool to lose body fat. But in all honesty, exercise is a weak tool for this job. Yes it has it’s place but the priority is nutritional.

It’s a hard pill to swallow, that you might have to start paying attention to what you eat. But what if you could see the future? What if you could glance at your life once you achieve your goal?

One useful tool to help motivate you to start making changes is a ‘Visualisation’ exercise where you do just what the last sentence talks about.

Here’s some homework:

Write a note to yourself, from the perspective of when you’ve achieved your weight loss goal. Imagine how your life will be.

Don’t get too off-point, be specific. Here are a few questions you could answer.

  • How does your life differ?
  • Why has it been important to you that you’ve achieved your goal?
  • How are your relationships with friends, your partner, your family and colleagues?
  • How do you feel now as a person?

Once you’ve written your note, read it back to yourself. How does it make you feel? Do you have some ideas coming into your head about where to start and maybe which areas you’d like to start with? Have your values changed perhaps?

Any revelations – please do share below.



Featured image from Lego.