Why No Facebook Jamie?

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. … They have their exits and their entrances 

– Shakespear

Knowledge and information are not always power. They can often be overpowering, overwhelming and disruptive to an otherwise emotional and mental status quo. I do feel that social media is not ‘just’ the platform it once was. Sharing has become a new past-time, in hand with ‘look at me’ antics and self-valuation beliefs. Feeling hurt because someone didn’t like your post on a forum is now a thing! Oh dear. What has become of the modern world? 

My lil role as local trainer and wider promoter of healthy lifestyles, strength, moving better is just not being (currently) served by my efforts on the interweb socials. I found myself following the herd and just sharing stuff for the sake of sharing stuff. This takes times. Yes, it takes time to think of ‘what video or picture can I make today to let people know I’m into fitness

To be honest, unless you’ve got a tight fan-base or a huge following, it is increasingly hard to build an interactive audience of likeminded people and especially hard if trying to find paying customers for a small business. 

As a strong believer in intermittent fasting (or intermittent eating) to add health credits, mental clarity and productivity and of course some fat loss, I had the epiphany that I needed information fasting too to shed some unwanted to-do items from my day-to-day life to claim back more time to share to the invested audience that have come to my website for example and the people who already invest in my business as members. I’ve cut back on email checks, rarely find myself sludging through YouTube and now that I’ve erased my Facebook accounts (sorry Zuck), have gained time. 

What’s more valuable than time? 

Think of the times you had less. Less stuff, less things to do, less money like when you where a student, the earlier days of living in your own home; less stuff to ingest. I bet it felt somewhat satisfying. Frugality isn’t a negative thing, it’s a skill. 

So if you’ve asked why I’m not on Facebook, it’s not anything terrible, I’m just information fasting and gaining more time for more important things in my life, like adding to my website content, building new programs for you, reading more. Does it mean I’m not open to restarting a Facebook page in the future? Possibly not but I’ll have a very specific purpose and direction for it if I do.

Back to you. How do you feel about erasing 12 years of facebook?