Foot and Knee Width Whilst Squatting

If you frequent your gymnasium every now and again (hopefully more often than not) you may have worked on your legs. I sure hope you do cause these things have to carry us around for a good while yet.

But, so many people do not carry out leg work like deadlifts and squat or their variations due to some prior experience with pain. This does not mean deadlifting and squatting are bad for you, it just means you haven’t found the particular set-up for you.

What do I mean by set-up?

Most times you read about squatting or deadlifting you’ll read about generic foot and knee width or set up. Mostly it’ll say to place feet hip width apart or something like that.

However, it’s just a general statement. We are all special snowflakes and will all have quite different biomechanics.

In the video below I talk about how to find your own ideal knee width, foot width and then foot positioning. Did you know that both of your feet may be angled totally differently to achieve a comfortable squat?


Got any ideas? Agree? Disagree? Want further details or advice?

Just get your fingers tapping below.

Short on Gym Time?

We all get those times when we had planned to train but life just got in the way… hey it happens. No drama.

Most of us know how to carry out most of the popular exercises without too much technical jargon or direction but, the ‘no time’ excuse will always raise its ugly head.

I had one of those days today. Sinus headache all morning on top of two online lectures to study left me with 20 minutes roughy to do something before heading off to get my daughter from school.

Once you cut away the fluff that can bulk up a training session you get left with what’s important to get done.

For me today that was some single leg practice and some rows to balance off my main program on the other days.

 I just rotated through step ups, single leg deadlifts and rows.

 Simple. Check it out.



If you happen to know that you know you should train often but don’t and you know some exercise technique basics too, maybe you know you need some guidance!!! Ye know?!

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“I don’t have time to go to the gym”

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When it comes to not exercising, one of the biggest excuses I hear is the, “I don’t have time to go to the gym”.

This, I totally get and I’m with you however, I am biased as I get to train at home with my own gym and yes, you’ve guessed it, so can you.

You don’t need heaps of equipment or space at home to get a good training session completed but what you do need is the guidance of a professional with years of experience.

If time is your currency, you really don’t want to be spending it trying to figure out what exercises to do.

Did you know that 20 minutes three times a week can deliver great results if your goal is to get stronger, fitter and boost you health?

Why 20 mins?

If you take a look at an average gym program, there is a lot of fluff that could be erased. A lot of timer fillers are added to simply build the session up to an hour or to expel a few extra calories.

In most plans, 80% of the results come from just 20% of the actions. So if we strip away the less affective ‘stuff’ and practice the important ‘stuff’ with more mindfulness, you can get a fulfilling session in a short time period.

I love simplicity, getting the essential work done and then getting on with life.

With Online Personal Training I aim to provide just this with easy to follow training plans that focus on the important exercises we all need in our lives.

What you need to do now?

Well, I’m opening up 10 places for online training, kicking off in the new year. This will initially be designed around a short 8 week commitment, enough time for you to figure out if online training is for you and if you follow the rules, you’ll feel the results too.

If your goals are to feel stronger, fitter, more mobile and healthier, online PT could be the simplest solution to invest in.

What you need if you come on board?

  1. Internet obviously
  2. A space to exercise and move around, like your garage, patio, living room etc.
  3. An exercise mat might be helpful
  4. A commitment to 20 mins three times a week
  5. A willingness to stick to a plan for great results

If you have these 5 requisites ticked off, then you’re a great candidate.

Get back to me today with your questions and I’ll get back to YOU with a real reply, not a generic, automated response.