What is Personal Training?

To each and every person looking to hire a professional, the role of a trainer, to carry out personal training probably means something different.

1. To many it implies being pushed to the limit, getting all sweaty and pumped.

2. To some it may mean being taught finely detailed techniques to get the most out of their training.

3. To a few it means you get to whine and moan about having to do exercise – like it’s a personal punishment for eating too much!

4. To others is means the accountability of a professional to guide them through a personalised routine.

5. To some it means having the expert eye and experience of a professional to help create the results sought after.

If you align with 1 or 3 or something similar, you’ve either been sold something very inappropriate or have had that expectation sown by an others experience.

Long gone – I hope – are the days when trainers shout at their clients to ‘max out’, ‘go harder’, ‘ignore the pain’ and then come back again for the same.

Moving on. If you can see the validity of points 2, 4 and 5, then you know what to look for. A trainer who listens to your goals, designs a program with that agenda in mind, before guiding and supporting you from learning essential techniques to the execution of great repetitions, sets and all at an appropriate (read reasonable) intensity.

At FitStrong this is the process offered to each and every client.

We start with a consultation to discuss goals, past experiences and perhaps exploring any self limiting beliefs before presenting a solution.

A movement screen follows to start to understand the physical status, ie look for any red-flags, weakness or imbalances that may influence the program design.

From here a program commences to carry the client from their point A towards their point B.

That is the goal of a personal trainer.

At FitStrong I specialise in helping people build useful strength, improved movement capabilities and total body transformations.

‘Check out a brief overview of our methods’

Our home based gym is a friendly, safe and clean place where people are supported and coached towards their goals. Even if people have no distinct goals, they have an opportunity to simply pursue feeling healthier, stronger and feeling better.

We’re never afraid to try new things, experience new ways to achieve strength, physical health and fitness and this is demonstrated in the wide array of training methods that clients are taught and practice.

We’re not a big ra-ra glitzy ‘globo-gym’ but our simplicity allows us to express our own way of moving better, stronger and feeling good.

Why not book yourself in for a casual, no sales pitch consultation to see how you can fit into our awesome gym 😀


Flow into 2022

Sometimes you’ve just gotta move.

It feels good to feel good and moving feels good. You get the idea.

Join me from the New Year for ‘Flow’, where we’ll have fun exploring various movements.

Ask me about Flow for details on the What, Where and When.

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