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How FitStrong is Adjusting to Change

Well then… ‘sigh’! Who would have thought 2020 would be taking this direction. I don’t need to tell you what’s going on, but I’ll note that it will be a lesson to many, a steep learning curve is in effect right now and that will continue.

What I want to share is how my lil business is operating in the face of pretty quick changes, how previous practices are benefitting myself and clients right now and what’s next.

I had intended to start up blogging again with an emphasis on sharing my wider beliefs of what’s important in keeping healthy, fit and strong. Yes, that includes training with kettlebells, but I had also intended to start delving deeper into ‘real world fitness’ that I had been eluding to in previous posts.

I will get to that soon in following posts, as it is really exciting – but for today, lend me your ear as I explain how everything has changed.

I’d love to copy and paste some poignant song lyrics like ‘Hotel California’ from the Eagles, or ‘It’s The End of The World as we Know it’ by R.E.M, or ‘Tomorrow is a Long Time’ by Bod Dylan. But something more like ‘Wish You Where Here’ by Pink Floyd or ‘Come as You Are’ by Nirvana might be more fitting as we find ourselves more and more isolated and distant from human company.

It seems company in virtual form is becoming the temporary norm as friends log in to group chats, happy hours and band practice even. I am a rather self isolating individual. My introverted ways benefit me in many ways but I still love to see my fitness clients turn up to tell me what’s been happening in their lives and for me to share a little from my own.

For years I focussed purely on individual personal training and specialised in attending to the individual clients needs. In 2015 I turned my attention to the small group PT model to train 2-3 people at the same time with their own goals in mind. With many years experience it was really easy to transition to the quick thinking game of personalising programs per session for more than one person. It was always surprising how clients energy rose and fell by the session. That’s the life of the modern day human.

Around this time I put more thought into the health aspect of being healthy and well to magnify our strength and fitness practices. This lead to much involvement with Original Strength and in particular, the benefits of nasal breathing. Around the same time my body decided to test me with anxiety. I’ll not get into that here, but let me reaffirm how you never appreciate normal breathing until you can’t. Coping with stress with a breathing practice became a norm and I still practice it routinely out of just that, practice, but at times I feel overwhelmed, I put my training to practice. And teaching others became part of operations here at FitStrong.

There are a whole series of blog posts dedicated to breathing on my blog. Start here if interested.

Learning how to manage stress in the past has sure made this current situation easier to cope with. Not easy ‘full stop’, just easier.

So, where was I?

Ah yes, how is FitStrong running?

Well, my schedule of workshops and outdoor events has been shelved for a while, but I have returned to offering one-to-one personal training to everyone which is keeping us going, and this is supported by ongoing virtual (online) training using either live video conferencing apps or the provision of PDFs with detailed, albeit easy to follow programs.

I have a massive database of videos to avail of that makes pulling together resources for clients in their training. What I have found myself doing is recording the first round of exercises with instructions and sending that attached with the PDf. It’s plenty of work – but it works and working keeps me happy.

If you want to make me happy and keep me working, why not enquire about training in person or virtually.

I’m still teaching movement skills, strength training and restorative training.

Thank you for reading.