Training Minimum

Boxing Day Training

26th December 2014

Boxing Day in Australia; you could probably conjure up pictures of scorching sun with a gentle breeze but no, today it’s gloomy, humid with threats of storms.

My Christmas season training approach is one of training program minimum. I am taking one main lift supported by a secondary lift. To be honest, the older I get the simpler my training becomes. When you take out all the stuff that probably has no real purpose, you’re left with beautiful simplicity and specificity. Paretos Law states that 80% of benefits arise from 20% of invested efforts. So, that’s what i’ve done today!

Todays delight is a starter of Active Hangs with suit case Deadlifts to warm up my hip hinge in readiness for the Swings to follow.

The Active Hangs (fantastic suggestion from Ido Portal) are simply a pull-up regression to build a strong foundation from which to build very strong pull ups later on. Aim – an accumulation of 6 minutes with a variety of grips and sets between 30 – 45 seconds each.

Main course is a Swing weight ladder.

Each minute on the minute for 9 minutes, perform:

  • 16kg swing x 15 Left, then 15 Right
  • 24kg swing x 10 L/R
  • 32kg swing x 5 L/R

Yep, just 3 rounds.

Pretty simple, but intense and focussed.

Here’s the video.