Why I moved to StrongFirst from the RKC

A lot of my clients and friends know from my incessant chatter, that I discovered kettlebells 4 years ago for shoulder rehab only to find they had much, much more to offer. After moving to Australia in 2011 I committed myself to RKC certification after appreciating the books and teachings of Pavel and all the other trainers that made up the RKC community. In this bunch of strength and conditioning┬álegends and practitioners I really found myself, much like I had with the powerlifting crew in Northern Ireland, but more so… I really felt comfortable sharing and discussing the things that we work for, train for and share with our clients and friends.
Generally speaking, I feel very out of place and often misunderstood in the general fitness world and not just because of my northern irish accent! Whilst most continue to do what they’ve always done, most continue to fail themselves…. Been there, done that and threw away the t-shirt many years ago.

I dearly aspire to continue to teach what I teach, to a larger community to help share that there are other very smart ways to train compared to the standard in the industry. To do this successfully I feel I need to work with other like-minded trainers, in a strong community where we can do this together.

Last year many in the RKC were devastated, a little confused and torn by the split in the RKC leadership which saw Pavel and many of the for mentioned trainers sever from the RKC to form StrongFirst.

Similar to a divorce, many were initially torn between mum and dad splitting up and who to support and live with.
Ultimately, the RKC and StrongFirst is Hardstyle. The training remains the same perhaps with a slight shift on the emphasis on certain training qualities.

I have finally chosen to move onto the StrongFirst school of strength for a variety of reasons that I will go onto in a moment, but these in part do include to continue to follow those I have always followed and looked to for inspiration and education over the years and to work locally with like minded people. The new school is the old school just with a new name. The game remains the same.

I have always chosen to make moves and to join professional groups based on my feelings, what I want to experience and the paths they may lead to.
In 2011 we upped and left Northern Ireland to start a new life in Australia.
We didn’t do it to make money, we didn’t do it for the sun, we didn’t do it for cheaper wine, we didn’t do to leave family and friends.

***We moved our lives 16000km away to improve our quality of life and that of our daughter and because we had a gut feeling it was the right thing to do and in a corny way, that it was meant to be.***

I am not going to enter into discussion with anyone over my decision to move to StrongFirst, just accept it.

I still respect the RKC and people who remain happily with the RKC and I respectfully honour it’s masters, leaders and trainers with the credit they deserve for the great training they provide.

My move; it’s just a personal decision based largely on my deeper thoughts, a feeling in my gut and a close attachment to my former and present principles.

End of story.

strong first certified instructor