I recently returned from a couple of years living abroad, and to say the least I had a bit more excess baggage than when I departed and a very sluggish metabolism to boot. I looked in to joining a gym, but was quite intimidated especially when it came to free weight training so I contacted Jamie about his services. 

When I initially met with Jamie, I was extremely impressed with how at ease he made a novice like me feel, and how he really delved in to what my body could and could not handle – and then tied everything together with my routines. It’s obvious how knowledgeable he is about human movement. 
Two months later I have lost 5kg’s, I have core strength that I never thought was possible and I absolutely love my time spent in the gym. Jamie has been so patient with me and I thoroughly look forward to my time working out these days. I never thought I’d be so excited about kettlebells!

Catherine Barnes