For about a year and half I was attending the gym on a regular basis. I was experiencing results cardiovascularly but not in the strength department. I felt that I didn’t possess the knowledge to forward my strength training. For a short period going to the gym was enjoyable but as time pasted I began to feel that my routine became limited. I tried to lift free weights but found that my technique and lack of knowledge showed. This affected my self-confidence therefore I avoided the weights section all together. 

During this time I was training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and found that my lack of strength affected my overall performance particularly when the class was all male. I really wanted to boost my self-confidence and strength but I was not sure how to approach this topic. 

Shortly afterwards I met Jamie and he introduced me the world of kettle bells. When I began learning about the basics of kettle bells I could not believe the diversity in exercises this bell offered everything from Turkish get ups – Wind Mills. My training sessions combine both kettlebells and weights to accommodate for my training for BJJ. Its great talking to a person who is enthusiastic in training clients for a purpose and it shows with each session. I have noticed a boost with my self-confidence in training. I am attempting more complex techniques in both strength training and BJJ. 

I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the last past 8 months training with Jamie and learning about all the different aspects to do with fitness. He has always been flexible and understanding to my schedule. Being a student and working casually in a hospital can be demanding at times but I have managed somehow to incorporate fitness into my lifestyle. My strength has greatly increased from swinging an 8k to a 28kg in matter of months. Jamie also possesses extensive underpinning knowledge in diet, nutrition and weight lifting. With his guidance I have been able to improve my general fitness and continue to take up his challenges involved in each session. 

Fitness is a necessity in my life to balance my professional and personal lifestyle. Working with Jamie has made this experience all the more enjoyable. I encourage anyone to contact him if you are looking for someone who is genuine and passionate about their profession. He will give you the results you are looking for through a professionally structured approach.

Chloe Gibbs