I recently returned from a couple of years living abroad, and to say the least I had a bit more excess baggage than when I departed and a very sluggish metabolism to boot. I looked in to joining a gym, but was quite intimidated especially when it came to free weight training so I contacted Jamie about his services. 

When I initially met with Jamie, I was extremely impressed with how at ease he made a novice like me feel, and how he really delved in to what my body could and could not handle – and then tied everything together with my routines. It’s obvious how knowledgeable he is about human movement. 
Two months later I have lost 5kg’s, I have core strength that I never thought was possible and I absolutely love my time spent in the gym. Jamie has been so patient with me and I thoroughly look forward to my time working out these days. I never thought I’d be so excited about kettlebells!

Catherine Barnes

Having posture and shoulder problems for several years, i spent a lot of time and money trying to find a solution. It wasn’t until going to a gym and starting a program that i began to notice improvement. This is when i met Jamie and got introduced to the mighty KettleBell – and haven’t looked back. Jamie’s training is most importantly, a lot of fun, but high impact and gives quick and noticeable benefits. I no longer go to a regular gym, i have my own Kettlebells and train at the Fitstrong Gym with Jamie. My health and fitness are a very important part of my life, and the Kettlebell has been a godsend, mentally and physically its been a huge benefit for my lifestyle. – Mathew Wilson

Mathew Wilson

I contacted Jamie by email a couple of weeks ago regarding exercises to help strengthen neck muscles (I have osteoarthritis in my neck and spine). Jamie quickly replied with a video exercise routine, nothing too difficult, thank you Jamie it really is working. My neck and shoulders are less painful, and I can sleep better at night. I will continue with the routine.

Many thanks again, Cris from Holywood, N. Ireland

Cris Hunter

Late in 2012, after several years of lower back pain and weakness following a ruptured disc, my doctor advised that I engage in PT sessions to increase strength and reduce pain and limitations to my lifestyle caused by that pain. She specifically recommended Jamie. I began weekly sessions with Jamie in May 2013, working to increase core strength and flexibility of movement. By September 2013 I was able to run 10km Bridge To Brisbane. (Ok, jog, not run. Most of it.) It had been quite a few years since I had been capable of jogging, and it was great having renewed confidence in my body’s ability to undertake the challenge successfully, knowing that the strengthening routines I had been learning were protecting of my back. I am distinctly aware of the improved muscle tone in my abdomen. In addition, I am now very conscious of the way I use my body and engage muscles to safely lift items and to change posture, eg. from sitting to standing. I have recently started casual cycling again (it used to be too difficult to lean forward for periods of time) and am looking forward to putting my just-purchased kayak to good use, something that was unthinkable two years ago. Thanks Jamie.

Dave Quinn

Dave Quinn

In Indian mythology, as well as traditions, the ‘guru’ or the mentor/teacher is considered above God. For me, he is my teacher, my mentor, my guru!

Me and Jamie were destined to meet – 2008, a sudden decision to go to Belfast UK from India, a sudden decision to get fitter looking at my bulky physique and then deciding to join YMCA Belfast. And bang.. here I met Jamie. Coming from a different culture, a different lifestyle and language, I was quite confused (apprehensive if I may call it) on whether or not will it work out or not. How will I manage my work schedule? Will I make friends?

He surprised me and what a pleasant surprise it was! 🙂 (more…)

Rohit Wadhwani