In Indian mythology, as well as traditions, the ‘guru’ or the mentor/teacher is considered above God. For me, he is my teacher, my mentor, my guru!

Me and Jamie were destined to meet – 2008, a sudden decision to go to Belfast UK from India, a sudden decision to get fitter looking at my bulky physique and then deciding to join YMCA Belfast. And bang.. here I met Jamie. Coming from a different culture, a different lifestyle and language, I was quite confused (apprehensive if I may call it) on whether or not will it work out or not. How will I manage my work schedule? Will I make friends?

He surprised me and what a pleasant surprise it was! 🙂

Jamie is the finest, most knowledgeable and most influential of the trainers that I have worked with. His simple approach to things, taking one thing at a a time, doing it lightly to begin with and then increasing, knowledge around foods and quantities of it.. I mean.. it just goes on and on. The best part about him is that he always is on top of things, his eyes wont let you slip. When you meet him for an advice, you are rest assured that what he will tell you is the best for you. You can trust him for his in depth, concrete and accurate views on fitness. I was a part of his food and diet training where we discussed Low GI foods and some recipes. Great to learn and implement..!!

I had lost 10 kg of fat in the process and built muscle, thanks to Jamie!

After my return in 2009 to India, I had a tough time of controlling my diet. Indian food, as you all know, is oily, more spicy and sometimes (no, all the time) more fatty. Since it was a return after an year to my home, my family were welcoming me back with the foods that made me fat (wink). I immediately fell back on Jamie and asked for his help on weight training. He readily helped and discussed plans. He even sent me the plans we had made in Belfast.

While I have gained some weight as of today and planning start the entire routine again, I was not at all surprised to find that Jamie was ready to help. He has been in constant touch, we have exchanged emails, and guess what! Today he even made videos for me and sent it – just for me to know the right technique for planks, dead bugs and farmers walks. This is just great great coaching and more importantly, I feel it is his love for fitness and the people that drives him.

Jamie.. You are fabulous! I cannot express in words on how much I want to thank you for all the support, guidance and love that you have provided. You are indeed a great great great help and definitely somebody that I will have and cherish for the rest of my life.

I would love to see you again in person (you in India or myself in Australia) and look forward to many more exchanges in the future. Thanks Jamie.. God bless you!! 🙂

Rohit Wadhwani

Rohit Wadhwani